Consulting / Software Solutions

  • Claims system EDI integration consulting services, combined with EDI automation software tools, allow our clients to take control of their EDI
  • Aerie team leveraged its many years of experience to develop a highly efficient "software/service" model saving clients up to 40%
  • Aerie EDI Group can help you implement and maintain state EDI reporting requirements
  • Who needs our service and expertise? State Jurisdictions, Insurers, Claims Administrators, and Claims System Vendors
    • Automate EDI Processing and Reduce Errors
    • Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry
    • Improve Data Accuracy, Integrity and Compliance
    • Reduce Development and Implementation Time
    • Reduce EDI Costs and Potential Fines and Penalties
    • Improve Customer Support
    • Avoid Common EDI Pitfalls
    • Streamline EDI Processes
    • Knowledgeable and Dedicated USA Team and Support

"Take Control of Your EDI"

EDI Issues / Concerns

  • EDI "Standards" are complex and vary by state
  • Frequent requirement and standard changes
  • Duplicate data entry is inefficient and costy
    • Human error causes inaccurate, missing data, poor data integrity
    • Low EDI Compliance leads to higher potential for fines / penalties
  • Lack of internal EDI knowledge and resource constraints within many companies
  • High cost for EDI vendor service

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Why Aerie EDI Group

Proven track record of partnering with clients, providing excellent service and timely support.  Our commitment is to collaborate with you and implement cost-effective solutions that meet or exceed your expectations.